How Should a Homeopathic Patient Monitor Himself?

How should the homeopathic patient monitor himself/herself for homeopathic treatment? You can watch the video we have made on this subject at the bottom of this article, or you can read every sentence spoken in the video as an article here. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below this article.

For those who are curious about how homeopathic treatment works, you need to learn a little bit about how we follow homeopathic patients. Because in most cases we have the biggest problem because of this, that is, if we want to heal the human body homeopathically, and I have many cases where I have observed this, we need to understand very well how to follow the human body exactly. We need to take note of everything, like the results of today’s study. As a result of one of my cases from abroad that I just interviewed, I will make this video and at least record it. A homeopathic patient must understand how to monitor himself. If a homeopathic patient does not follow himself, there is nothing a homeopath can do. The reason for the patient’s application to me was irregular menstruation and the story of using a medicated spiral for birth control for many years. I handled the case a month ago, and when I re-evaluated it a month later, there was no change. Her periods are irregular, the spiral she has been using has just come out, but she has palpitations. When I ask the patient about the timing of the complaints, she says “I don’t know, I didn’t pay attention”.

Please, if you want to be treated homeopathically, people who want to be treated homeopathically should know very well that they need to take note of all the symptoms that occur in themselves, if you really find a homeopath who will treat you as a classical homeopath, you need to give this data very well, we need data, I need data inputs and the only person who can tell this data is the patient himself. I can of course observe the patient myself, I can catch some clues, I can take advantage of the videos of bedridden patients, I can take note of the patient’s behavior there, but everything else is in your stomach, in your intestines, in your body, in your joints, ,in your groin, in your dreams, and if you want to be treated homeopathically, you must definitely tell a homeopath. Take note of your mental state, how you feel after the remedy, and everything you experience in the body. You may have gone to a homeopath for a stomach problem, but the constant dream of a dog may be a clue to the medicine that will cure your stomach, everything can be a clue, so you should not miss anything. I have a case that I am very happy with the result today, and I will publish it after a few months, because we are excitedly waiting every month to see how the results will come out. This case of mine takes such good notes that the biggest thing that made him better was the notes taken by the patient.

I just evaluated the data based on those notes, analyzed the data, tried to find out which drug to use from the analysis and we have been trying for 4-5 months. This child is very young, I’m talking about a young girl of 21-22 years old, her bone marrow was seriously dysfunctional and now her bone marrow can heal itself thanks to the remediation.

This is very important, a homeopathic patient should write down everything and tell it to their homeopath. Let’s say you had a fall, you had an accident, you need to understand the concept of acute problem very well. Acute problem, acute remedies, acute trainings. Everyone should have knowledge about homeopathy, but using remediation in acute problems does not mean “my throat is swollen, let me take a medicine immediately” or “I have herpes on my lip, let me use remediation”. Because our goal, the goal of real homeopaths is not to suppress something. If you use medicine every time there is a problem, you will also suppress it homeopathically, so we need to know that we are going in the right direction. I have a lot of cases who send me photos of herpes. Herpes is one of the biggest proofs that you are cured. So we need to break everything we know in normal medicine. Normal medicine tells us that you get herpes because your immunity is down. But a homeopath says that it’s not because your immunity has fallen, it’s because the body wants to expel something, it wants to heal, and this is a sign of healing.

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