Imprints in Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases Book

The translation of the expanded German edition of Samuel Hahnemann’s book “Chronic Diseases, Their Specific Structures, and Their Homeopathic Treatments”, published in 1835, contains numerous examples of how important and serious problems repressions cause. In this article, we will talk about these suppressions in the book and what kind of results they have…

Printing Examples

Example 1

An examination of the various problems arising from suppression, by the veteran LUDWIG CHRISTIAN JUNCKER, in Dissertalio de Damno ex Scabie Repulsa, Halle, 1750, p. Mentioned in book 15-18.

In young people with an optimistic temperament, tuberculosis develops following the suppression of itching, and in these cases, hemorrhoids, colic, and kidney stone formation; swelling of the inguinal lymph nodes, hardening of the joints, malignant ulcers, disease with suffocating mucus in obese people; In addition, inflammatory fever, acute pleurisy and lung inflammation have been observed.

Also, autopsies revealed that the lungs were hardened and filled with cysts containing pus; also other hardenings, bone swellings and ulcers were seen to follow suppression of a rash. As a result of such pressures, edema, delayed menstruation, and hemoptysis have been observed. People prone to melancholy sometimes go crazy with such suppression; if they are pregnant, the fetus is dead. Sometimes the suppression of itching causes infertility in lactating women, decreased milk, menses prematurely disappeared, uterine (uterus) ulcerated and cancer developed in older women.

Example 2

An 8-month pregnant woman gave birth three days after the itching on her hand was suppressed; since then he has been barren and white discharge for seven years. Years later, the itching reappeared, whitish discharge and other hysterical feelings passed; she was able to get pregnant again (Juncker, ibid)

Example 3

A man between the ages of 30 and 40 had long ago suffered from itching and itching was removed by ointments; From this time on, more and more people became asthmatic. Eventually, his breathing became difficult, accompanied by a very short and extremely labored, constant hissing sound, but only a small cough. While he was about to die with severe nausea and retching with the recommended medication, when the itching reappeared on the hands, feet and the whole body, asthma disappeared in an instant.

Example 4

A 32-year-old man relieved the itch with a sulfur ointment and subsequently developed severe asthma.

Example 5

The dance student got itchy, soon after being treated with a sulfur ointment, a severe asthma started and she was breathing hard. He could breathe when the turn of attacks threw his head back. In the next 2 years, the attacks increased up to 10 attacks per day.

Example 6

A 13-year-old boy who had tinea capitis since childhood was treated by his mother. Within eight to ten days he became very ill, suffered from asthma, severe pains in the limbs, back and knees. He was relieved when an itch reappeared all over his body.

Example 7

When Tinea capitis in a little girl was removed by purgative and other drugs, chest pressure, cough, and great weakness appeared. When tinea was seen again after she stopped taking the drugs, she regained her former joy.

Example 8

A 5-year-old boy suffered from itching for a long time, and when he treated it with an ointment, severe melancholy and coughing occurred.

Example 9

Due to tinea capitis by rubbing with almond oil, extreme weakness in all limbs, headache on one side, loss of appetite, asthma, waking up at night with a choking cold, severe chest wheezing, crowing, convulsive attacks and hematuria occurred in the limbs. When tinea broke out again, she was relieved of all these ailments.

Example 10

A 3-year-old girl suffered from itching for several weeks; The next day, after being treated with an ointment, he developed a suffocating cold with snoring and numbness and coldness all over his body, which did not improve until the itching reappeared.

Example 11

A twelve-year-old girl, when her frequent itch was treated with an ointment, developed an acute fever with suffocating flu, asthma and edema, followed by pleurisy. Six days later, after taking a sulfur-containing internal medicine, the itching reappeared and all discomfort except swelling disappeared, but after twenty-four days the itching dried up again, followed by a new inflammation of the chest with pleurisy and vomiting.

Example 12

Herpes on the left upper arm of a 19-year-old teenager was locally removed by external application. But soon, periodic asthma emerged, abruptly aggravated by a long walk in the summer heat, presenting as choking with a swollen bluish-red face and rapid, weak, irregular pulse.

Example 13

A 5-year-old girl had large itchy vesicles on her hands that dried on their own for some time. Soon she became sleepy and tired and short of breath. The next day, her asthma continued and her stomach became bloated.

Example 14

Long-term itchy disease A 50-year-old farmer developed shortness of breath, loss of appetite and edema all over his body when he treated itching with external applications.

Example 15

A girl in Bologna cured the itch with an ointment and later developed severe asthma without fever. After the twice bloodletting treatment, her strength decreased so much and her asthma increased so much that she died the next day. The entire chest was filled with bluish water, including the pericardium.

Example 16

A 9-year-old girl with tinea capitis suffered from prolonged fever, generalized edema, and shortness of breath when treated; healed when the rash broke out again.

Example 17

A 46-year-old man relieved his itch with sulfur ointment. Afterwards, bloody sputum and shortness of breath lung infection started. The next day, the fever and agony became unbearable, and on the third day the chest pains increased. Then the sweat started. Fourteen days later the itching started again and he felt better, but the itching dried up again and died on the 13th day after the relapse.

Example 18

A frail man died of pneumonia twenty days after treating the itch.

Example 19

A 7-year-old boy with tinea capitis died of severe fever and phlegmatic asthma four days after being treated.

Example 20

The teenager, who relieved his itching with lead ointment, died of lung disease four days later.

Example 21

Six days after an itch was treated with sulfur ointment, the young villager developed high fever, pleurisy, and dyspnea.

Example 22

A 13-year-old boy developed cough and chest pains when his itch dried up with medication. When the itching started again, these discomforts disappeared.

Example 23

A 36-year-old man relieved the itch with lead and mercury ointment sixteen months ago; Since then he has suffered from a choking cough with great agony.

Example 24


The 19-year-old relieved his itch with a black lotion. After a few days, chills and warmth, weakness, heartache, headache, nausea, severe thirst, coughing and difficulty breathing; bloody sputum, delirium began, his face was deadly pale, sunken.

Example 25

The person who wanted relief from his itching died a few hours after using the ointment, with anxiety, dyspnea and tenesmus. The autopsy showed that the lungs were all filled with liquid pus.

Example 26

A young man, warned by his doctor not to use sulfur ointment, did not follow his advice, when he died of constipation when his body was examined for autopsy, pus was found in his abdominal viscera.

Example 27

A 7-week-old boy and an 18-year-old boy died suddenly after itching, which was removed by using sulfur ointment. In the autopsy performed in the infant’s case, gangrene was found in the stomach, and in the second case, a similar diseased condition was detected where the bile duct and pancreatic duct opened into the duodenum. Fatal inflammation of the stomach that occurs when itching is suppressed.

Example 28

In June 1761, a 14-year-old teenager had swollen glands behind both ears after treating his itch with an ointment; The swelling in the left ear went away on its own, but the right ear grew very seriously in five months. All the glands in the neck were swollen, there was extensive pain at night; He also had trouble breathing and swallowing. He did not respond to all treatments and the patient died of suffocation in 1762.

Example 29

A 13-year-old girl suffered from itching, especially on the limbs and pudendal; After treating her with zinc and sulfur ointments, her vision weakened she. Black floating objects appeared before his eyes. She was unable to see without glasses, her pupils dilated.

Example 30

A girl with severe itchy rashes on her legs and large ulcers on the back of the knee contracted smallpox when the itching was suppressed. It caused inflammation of the whites of the eyes and eyelids. The itching and floating black dots lasted for two years. Then she put on the socks of an itchy child. Then came fever with a dry cough, pressure in the chest, a tendency to vomit. The next day the fever and chest tightness subsided, and increased sweat appeared in both legs until erysipelas erupted, which passed the next day to appear itchy and then the eyes cleared.

Example 31

A 50-year-old man who used the ointment for his itching suffered from piercing pains in his left shoulder for five weeks, after which several ulcers erupted in his armpit.

Example 32


A charlatan gave a student an ointment for itching, which indeed disappeared, but instead an incurable ulcer appeared in the mouth.

Example 33

A student who treats his itch with an oil Glands in the armpits, ulcers on the arms and legs appeared. These ulcers were treated externally, then dyspnea and edema developed and the patient died.

Example 34

In a 43-year-old woman who treated her long-standing itch with sulfur and mercury oil, pain under the right rib, malaise in all limbs, and fever developed in the following period. After six days of using diaphoretic drugs, large itchy vesicles erupted all over the body.

Example 35

After relieving the itch with one and the same medicine, the two brothers lost their appetite, a dry cough and a prolonged fever began, they were emaciated and died.

Example 36

When tinea capitis disappeared spontaneously in a three-year-old child, a severe fever, cough, and fatigue appeared in the chest and only resolved when the rash reappeared on the head.

Example 37

A male case developed chills, fever, dyspnea, and a choking cough with phlegm after treating his frequent itch with a leaded oil.

Example 38

In a 30-year-old man, uncontrollable profuse sweating was observed after pruritus was treated. Anxiety and headache attacks began. He died with delirium, anxiety and difficulty breathing.

Example 39

In an itchy boy, the itch went away on its own after the fever appeared. After the fever subsided, the itching became stronger. The child weakened, when the itching dried up again, diarrhea, convulsions, and then death occurred.

Example 40

It was found that the left lung was full of pus in the autopsy performed when a person whose itching disappeared spontaneously due to prolonged fever and sputum died.

Example 41

When the woman, who had pain and severe rash on her limbs for a long time, had a rash with an oil, she developed high fever, thirst, headache, delirious speech, uncontrollable shortness of breath, severe distention in the abdomen and died on the sixth day of fever.

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