We wanted to prepare this page as a page where we will answer any questions you want to ask about homeopathy and your general health. We wanted to collect all the questions and answers on a single page by putting the questions and the answers we gave to them in our question and answer activities that we have done from our Instagram account from time to time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homeopathy Treatment

Q: Swollen abdomen, vitiligo on fingers, elevated insulin, pituitary adenoma. Early father loss. Is it relevant?
A: I don’t care about the emotional issues alone, I look at the whole body, homeopathic, so I choose the vitiligo medicine that will work for the bloated pituitary adenoma with the loss of the father, while finding the remedy that suits you.

Q: Are there any symptoms after the tick on the skin?
A: As far as I know there are several types of lesions.

Q: Genetic diseases (eg thalassemia) are structural treatment essential as a child – would you recommend?
A: I ‘m saying “EVERYTHING IS GENETIC” , so you can have whatever is in your family! Of course, think of it like a puzzle here, what will happen to you, you need to look at the findings in detail.

Q: My hand was cut, 2 weeks of stitches remained and the wound did not heal, why do you think? 
A: Your physique may be due to the medication you are taking.

Q: Inability to fall asleep, spinning around for hours, is there a solution?
A: Yes, there are a lot of remedies that can work on this.

Q: Pimples on my hips do not go away, what do I use, why? What can be done?
A: The skin is a reflection of the inner body and I would definitely NOT SUPPRESS WITH CREAM OR DRUGS , I would only suggest you homeopathy for this matter.

Q: The necklines on the neck cause the appearance of wrinkles, any suggestions for this?
A: If the structure is loose I would recommend facial yoga, perhaps with homeopathic support.

Q: I have serous euthitis, a tube was inserted in my ear, but it still continues.
A: Do not look at the body locally, it is the exit door for diseases related to the ear and kidney, and you should definitely get homeopathic support.

Q: Non-healing, itchy sores on the joints of the hand.
A: I shared many cases with eczema , lesions on hand, what I can tell from my patient experience so far is kidney tract problem, so NEVER LOCAL CREAM ETC. should not be treated with

Q: I also have very few cracks, what does that mean?
A: Fracture or other issue should always be addressed with the whole body.

Q: I am going to a homeopath for kidney stones in pregnancy. Will it harm the baby?
A: Homeopathy is a system that we can use safely in babies and pregnant women.

Q: Although me and my daughter have high cholesterol and are thin, walking, dieting still does not go down.
A: In familial cholesterol elevations, the liver’s cholesterol production balance is impaired. I have cases that I follow with homeopathy, I share quite a lot.

Q: Is the solution to my teeth grinding problem in your area? My daughter is 9 years old and she has it too.
A: Homeopathy looks at the whole person, so it deals with the whole body, not one area.

Q: Can we also come for stones in the gallbladder that have not yet caused pain?
A: Yes

Q: When should we start the homeopathic treatment of the disease we are experiencing?
A: In my approach, I ask hundreds of details, both the current situation and the past, it doesn’t matter when you come.

Q: Do you have any resources you would recommend about the source of the Ben formation?
A: Every disease on the skin is a reflection of the disease inside and should not be interfered with from the outside. I am no different.

Q: Does it make sense for moles to appear on a certain side of the body (right/left) from infancy?
A: Side finding is an important detail in homeopathy. Experiencing LEFT and RIGHT-sided complaints constantly, or symptoms that go from RIGHT to LEFT or vice versa, is my favorite way of expressing itself. If you ask why, the only thing I will say is: this is how you were created.

Q: Insomnia, insomnia, panic attacks, can homeopathy be the solution for us?
A: The place where sleep tells the most beautiful problems of the body: falling asleep, falling asleep late, not being able to sleep for long hours, waking up, waking up at a certain time, urinating for a certain reason, being thirsty, etc. or waking up with pain – hot flashes, sweating are the best findings. Take notes and get homeopathy support.

Q: I am suffering from severe depression that does not go away for years, how can I recover?
A: The underlying causes may even be a suppressed rash. I would definitely listen and be treated with a holistic perspective.

Q: For 30 years, excessive itching and flaking of my hair is on the nape, it does not go away, I have it in the ears for 2 years.
A: As a physician who chose cardiology after saying I would never be a dermatologist in normal medicine, seeing that lesions heal in skin diseases with a non-chemical treatment system is one of the biggest reasons that encourage me to take this path. 30 years is a long time, but there is always hope.

Q: Can you help with tinnitus?
A: The reason behind the tinnitus is a long way off if it is caused by many years and previous ear infections, but there is hope. If it is an incipient tinnitus, you will be more likely to recover.

Q: The religion of my son’s ear was gunned down, there is no medical cure, is there a cure for tinnitus?
A: Homeopathy has remedies that can be used for tinnitus after exposure to loud noise, I say try it.

Q: What about acute sinusitis in a child? 
A: Since sinusitis-like infections are usually recurrent conditions, I would definitely say to be treated under homeopath follow-up. Plenty of washing is also recommended.

Q: I did not realize that I hit the so-called bearing in the inner joint of the right knee, the pain does not go away.
A: Homeopathy’s greatest trauma remedy is “Arnica”. However, it may not work regardless if the crash was caused by anger at something. Homeopathy is detail medicine.

Q: I lost a lot of hair after giving birth even though I was not on medication, I am going bald. 
A: Is the birth a cesarean section? Did you have any alcoholics during pregnancy? Do you use any other medication? There are a million pieces of information such as whether your TSH, etc. tests are normal, and there are 14 remedies of homeopathy in handfuls of spillage, you can give a chance.

Q: Is homeopathy beneficial for height growth for a girl who is physically younger than her peers?
A: I had a patient who said that I have grown 2 cm in my 30s this month, my teacher. I say give it a chance.

Q: Do you have any studies on hepatitis B carrier, about it and the fear of disease related to it.
A: We were shown examples of cases where Hepatitis B carrier recovered in the lessons, and as I always say, “your body is sick, the germ comes in”, so when the body heals, it goes away. These are the conditions that are said to have no cure in normal medicine, but homeopathy case examples are promising as a physician.

Q: We found out that my daughter has FMF at age 7 and she has recurring earache, grinding her teeth at night. 
A: Well said, there are many findings. I highly recommend homeopathy.

Q: My neck and headaches are caused by weakness of the neck muscles and migraine. Should you try homeopathy?
A: It was said at the acupuncture congress in May and the experience I gained from my patients: The reflection of every pain reflected from the back to the waist. In other words, if you have low back pain: look at the kidney – intestine – urinary tract, the neck is no different.

Q: I have been having severe restless legs syndrome before going to bed lately, what could be the cause?
A: I would say think about whatever medicine, plant, etc. you have taken in the last 4-5 months.

Q: Right tooth decay, right ear pain, appendicitis, gallbladder failure, right lower back pain, right knee meniscus, what is my body telling me.
A: What a beautiful story. A homeopath’s favorite patient. When we find the remedy that contains all of these, they all pass.

Q: Is there a cure for goiter?
A: Less work and hard work, ie hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, I have a lot of case examples and today is the group of diseases that I am happiest to start homeopathy with. Nodules require follow-up.

Q: Can eczema treatment be permanently resolved?
A: All of my cases that I have shared are still in good condition now.

Q: What should I specifically observe and note before making a homeopathy appointment for migraine? Cure rate? 
A: I now take notes on my follow-up cases day by day so we can see the details more clearly. Look at the variables of pain: with what increases, decreases, etc. If your mood during the pain wakes you from sleep, what time is it? Is it pretty close? A lot of detailed questions etc.

Q: Is there a cure for hemorrhoids and constipation, sir?
A: Of course the body is whole. I have shared cases.

Q: I went through menopause at the age of 39, what should I pay attention to from now on, I am very sad.
A: There is a high probability of early menopause in your family, but I would still say give homeopathy a chance.

Q: There is no medical problem, but I am constantly nauseous, especially at mealtimes. Do you have a recommendation?
A: This is also a medical issue. Rewind the movie when it happened, where did you break the body?

Q: I have frequent genital herpes, even though I am immune. Can homeopathy help?
A: Findings on the skin, such as genital herpes, are a reflection of the inside, and this may be due to your body or a transmission from your genetic family. With our anamnesis form, which covers about 10 pages, we examine the subject in detail and aim for a holistic improvement with a treatment in that way with homeopathy.

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