Areas That Homeopathy Shows Success

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine method discovered by Samuel Hahnemann in the early 18th century, based on self-healing of the body. Homeopathy treatment, which is widely used in European countries, is also practiced in our country. It is used to treat all kinds of diseases that may occur in the human body and the areas where homeopathy is successful are therefore distributed over a wide range.

In homeopathy treatment, homeopathic medicines are specially prepared for individuals and it is a holistic treatment method that aims to bring the health status of the person to the best position thanks to these medicines. Due to its holistic nature, the areas where homeopathy is successful cover all kinds of diseases. For this reason, it would be healthiest for patients to see a homeopath first. In acute diseases, a remediation is often prepared and given in the first meeting. However, chronic conditions will be treated with a remediation that will be prepared after much longer research and long discussions between the homeopath and the patient.

What Are the Areas of Success of Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, which is used in the treatment of all kinds of diseases, has achieved more success especially in the following areas. Even chronic diseases can only be treated with homeopathy.

In the treatment of headaches and migraine,

In the treatment of panic attacks, depression, fears,

In different crisis periods and sleep problems,

Children’s developmental problems and pediatric diseases,

Treatment of skin diseases and allergies,

Asthma and respiratory diseases,

Joint and bone diseases,

In rheumatic diseases,

Cold-related illnesses such as upper respiratory tract infections,

Those with gynecological diseases and menstrual irregularities,

Problems that occur in women at the onset of menopause,

In the treatment of severe trauma,

In diseases of the organs. For example, in diseases of the heart, lungs and digestive system,

In liver diseases,

In diabetes,

In the treatment of psychosomatic diseases,

In urinary tract and kidney disorders,

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, homeopathy treatment is effectively used for the treatment of many other diseases. However, the areas where homeopathy shows the most success are the ones mentioned above.

How Safe is Homeopathy?

When there is such an effective method that can be used for the treatment of all diseases, a question naturally arises in the minds of patients as to whether it is a safe way of treatment. All of the medicines used in homeopathy consist of naturally prepared mixtures. They are diluted so that there is almost no active ingredient left in the substance. Homeopathic medicines have no side effects or toxicity. Often even the substance from which it is made does not remain in the medicine, very few molecules remain. It is not a new way of treatment. It has been used for 200 years. During this time, many researches and drug studies have been carried out. As a result of these studies, homeopathy has been found to be safe for both humans and animals. It can be used at any age, during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children.

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