Homeopathy Treatment for Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

Almost one third of our patients who apply to our clinic complain about eczema and thanks to the results we have obtained, homeopathy treatment for eczema is successful. In this article, after informing about eczema, we will share photos of our eczema patients treated with homeopathy and see what the results are.

What is Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)?

Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis, is a chronic inflammatory skin (skin) disease that develops due to many factors, reduces the quality of life of patients, and can cause itching, dry skin, rash, cracking, blisters and skin infections. If we want to describe eczema in numbers, according to the data we obtained from the following source, 31.6 million people in the USA have some form of atopic dermatitis, 9.6 million children under the age of 18 have eczema, and 1 in 3 of them are moderately or severely atopic. Statistical data such as eczema, which is seen in childhood, has increased regularly from 8% to 12% since 1997, and it is seen in 3% of the adult population worldwide, shows that eczema is a health problem that should be taken seriously. .

If we want to describe the eczema discomfort a little more, it is a chronic condition that is red itchy, rash, non-contagious, the skin is dry and scaly, and may thicken and harden in the later stages.

Eczema disease is used together with the concepts of dermatitis and atopic dermatitis as a general usage. As with chronic eczema, acute eczema is also possible and is defined as a disease that can last for a few weeks, months, or even years, with its sudden or gradual manifestation. We said that eczema develops due to many factors, these many factors are environmental and genetic, and the word Atopy refers to the genetic condition to develop atopic diseases such as asthma, urticaria, food allergies.

Eczema is commonly associated with increased immune responses to inhaled and food allergens. Although it varies according to the person, it has been observed that some patients overcome this condition later in their lives.

Although the above gives some statistical information about eczema, it is known that the incidence of eczema, that is, the incidence of eczema, usually starts in childhood in sick people, but it can affect people of all ages. It is known that it is more common in people living in cold climates and that there is not much difference between male and female genders, they are equally affected.

Causes of Eczema

There is no clear information about exactly why eczema occurs, why it occurs, but it has been determined that eczema is caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. These reasons;

Genetic Factors: Looking back for eczema, it has been seen that the patient also has a family history. If either of the parents of the person has eczema or urticaria or allergic conditions such as food, pollen, there may be a predisposition to eczema.

Environmental Reasons: Environmental factors such as the peak seasonal conditions such as pollen or hay fever in spring, as well as the cold climate and high air pollution increase the likelihood of eczema in people living in such regions.

Physical Factors: Due to the increase in chemical use, some external factors such as harsh soaps or detergents, nickel and copper-type metals, deodorant, cosmetic products, synthetic clothing, scents in candles can trigger eczema.

Variable Immunity: Eczema may develop as an abnormal immune system response due to a significant internal or external factor.

Medications: As a result of some medications used for a long time, eczema can be triggered.

Stress: Being exposed to stress for a long time can act as a trigger for eczema in some people. It has been determined that it causes eczema in psychological problems such as anxiety neurosis and depression. It may be that such situations do not directly cause eczema, but eczema can be triggered indirectly as a result of anxious and depressed people withdrawing into themselves and then not being interested in what is happening outside their own world and not paying due attention to themselves in addition to releasing histamine at such times.

Eczema Symptoms

Although we explain in a few lines what is eczema, it is useful to write a little more in this section. The symptoms of eczema can be listed as follows;

Dry, itchy and flaky skin

Approximately 50-60% of people with eczema have lesions in their skin folds. Irritation is seen especially in areas such as neck circumference, elbow folds, hip folds, back of the knees. Apart from these areas, it is possible to see single dry hyperpigmented spots on areas such as the face, back, and hips.

If bacterial infection is added in addition to eczema, it may be accompanied by pus-like rashes with white and yellow discharge, as well as bad odors.

In the areas affected by eczema, hyperpigmentation and lichenification (hardening) of the skin may occur in the future.

Types of Eczema

  1. Contact dermatitis: Eczema caused by reactions to the substances we come into contact with is called contact dermatitis. These substances can be materials such as copper, nickel, detergents, jewelry, soaps, scented candles, some cosmetics and synthetic clothing. In this type of eczema, the skin appears red, dry, and scaly, and may also experience a burning sensation. There are two types of contact dermatitis; It is called Allergic contact dermatitis against substances such as latex or metal, and Irritant contact dermatitis is called after a reaction to a chemical or other substance.
  2. Nummular eczema: The word “Nummular” originates from Latin and is derived from the word meaning coin. In this type of eczema, it is seen that coin-like spots occur. In general, insect bites can be triggered by an allergic reaction after contact with metal or chemical. The lesions are very itchy, and when infected, pus may flow.
  3. Infantile eczema: In infants, it is predominantly seen around the neck, elbows, groin, buttocks (such as diaper rash), and skin folds behind the knees. The skin is dry, itchy and inflamed.
  4. Seborrheic dermatitis: This type of eczema is seen in people with oily and sweaty skin. The scalp and face (T-zone) are most commonly affected because they have abundant sebaceous glands (a small gland in the skin that secretes a lubricating oily substance called sebum), so sebum secretion is greater. It can be confused with dandruff at the initial stage. The skin appears shiny, red, itchy and forms crusts that ooze a white fluid (sebum).
  5. Stasis dermatitis: It is predominantly seen in dependent areas of the body, most commonly in the lower 1/3 of the legs. It is also common in bedridden patients where the skin is frequently rubbed by the bed in areas such as the back, hips, and elbows. It is triggered when blood circulation in the dependent parts slows down and fluid leaks from weak vessels. It causes swelling, redness, itching and pain. It can be seen as redness in fair-skinned people and as purple, gray or ashen color in dark-skinned people.
  6. Neurodermatitis: This type of eczema is similar to atopic dermatitis but produces thick, scaly patches on the skin. It forms thick and scaly rashes on the arms, legs, back of the neck, on the scalp, under the feet, and on the genitals. The rash can become very itchy during relaxation and sleep.

Eczema Diagnosis

There is no specific test to diagnose eczema after present symptoms. Here, the diagnosis can be made by a skin examination performed by the doctor and by the detailed case history to accompany it. In addition, certain allergy tests can be performed if blood allergy levels are desired to be checked. High levels of immunoglobulin can be seen in most patients, but this does not necessarily mean high levels for all types of eczema. The tests are intended to give an idea for the diagnosis of eczema.

Homeopathy Treatment for Eczema

Homeopathy is a natural, alternative, painless, painless treatment method that was presented to the whole world by its founder, Samuel Hahnemann, in a scientific framework at the end of the 1700s. Homeopathy, which is used safely all over the world, is also used safely in the treatment of eczema and very successful results are obtained.

First of all, we apply a comprehensive anamnesis to a patient who applied to the Neslihan Gülmez clinic with the main complaint of eczema, in a 10-page document containing all the necessary information and questions. After the patient fills in this anamnesis on his own, our assistant completes the missing parts through face-to-face or online interviews, and is forwarded to Homeopath Doctor Neslihan Gülmez. Doctor Neslihan Gülmez examines the patient’s file and, if necessary, other examinations, the patient’s history, family history and all other information requested, and the treatment of the patient begins with the determination of the most correct remedy (homeopathic medicine) that will suit all the symptoms that the patient has shown at mental, physical and emotional levels. Homeopathy carries out the necessary studies for the treatment of eczema with a holistic view of health.

As a result of what we have explained above, real case examples of some of our patients who applied to our clinic when they came to our clinic with eczema complaints and their aftermath are as follows.

Eczema Treatment with Homeopathy Case Example 1

Statement of order of interview with the case; The lesions disappeared the day after I took the remedy

I have so many things to tell about healing, the formation of diseases. I share from time to time, but believe me, I can’t find the opportunity for most of them

In this case, we only had 2 interviews and this is the result in the third. The case had previously failed to benefit from other homeopathic treatments.

Homeopathy is a working system but it works if you find the right remedy or remedies  and finding the right one among 8000 remedies may not be as easy in every case as in this case.

Eczema Treatment with Homeopathy Case Example 2

Honestly, how many starfish can we save

Eczema is a really serious problem among the public and being able to solve it without using chemicals is one of the things that makes me happiest as a doctor

Homeopathy is a really good remedy for such cases

Announce to more people 🏻 let them hear that there is another remedy other than chemicals .

It was a pretty tough case with a problem starting from the finger to the wrist and itchy arousing and well on the way

More doctors need to go down this road  I want to show with cases how great a solution homeopathy can be keep learning and teaching

Eczema Treatment with Homeopathy Case Example 3

I’m the one who said never to be a dermatologist – dermatologist in medical school  now I’m dealing with skin problems in 1/3 case  did someone say eczema  another case where I got good results.

Of course keep following

I saw a good recovery in 6 cases today and followed up  this was a record and as long as they are well, I am happy I wish everyone a good recovery.

Eczema Treatment with Homeopathy Case Example 4

Let’s get another skin problem case solution

Itchy lesion toenail fungus for 10 years,

It had spread from finger to ankle for 1 year.

Very itchy at night. He woke up with itching.

A case of stye- chalazion- herpes- Hand upper eczema- Cystitis- a history of leg ache in childhood.

The itching is no more.

Lesions are better.

It decreased towards the tip of the nail.

Most importantly, he always had animals in his dreams tips that lead to the right remedy can come from anywhere and most importantly, all these successes are chemical-free, cortisone-free

Eczema Treatment with Homeopathy Case Example 5

The case I’ve seen with asthma, eczema, headache, allergies, not being able to say no to people and many more.

Now I say no, everyone says confused  the allergy is now very short and mild.

Breath is comfortable. And eczema was so good on hand today  how does homeopathy heal?

With the knowledge of the remedy  you need to find the most suitable remedy for the patient  and the result is clear

May more patients get better  their healing means that family is better and society is better  many more , may you have healthy and happy lives, always have happy moments.

If you want to get rid of your eczema complaint with homeopathy, like our patients above, you can reach us from our contact numbers.

Wishing everyone healing…

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