How Does Homeopathy Work?

Everyone will cross paths with homeopathy one day and since you are reading this article, it means that you somehow know or have heard of homeopathy… We are trying to announce homeopathy and the effects of homeopathy to the masses with the posts we make mainly on our instagram page, but it is a fact that homeopathy has just started to be recognized in Turkey. In this article, we will talk about how homeopathy works, but if your journey with homeopathy has started with this article, we would like you to take a look at our pages on the history of homeopathy and what is homeopathy…

Homeopathy, as it is known, is a treatment method discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the late 17th century. The basic book of homeopathy, “Organon of the Medicine”, i.e. “Essence of Medicine”, is the first book to be published by Hahnemann in the 1st edition in 1810. As Samuel Hahnemann furthered his work on homeopathy, he updated this book 5 more times and although the 6th edition was finished in 1842, it could not be printed until 1921, but on this date, Dr. William Boericke examined the 5th and 6th editions and published the 6th edition of the book as an English version.

In his book The Essence of Medicine, Hahnemann describes the work of homeopathy as follows;

When a substance is administered in an appropriate dose to a sick person with the same symptoms that occur in healthy people, it cures them absolutely and permanently.

If a new and different kind of homeopathic remedy can cause a stronger and similar effect on body and soul, it permanently removes the effect of the disease. The effect of the homeopathic remedy is due to the fact that the effect of the remedy is similar and stronger.

Except for surgically treated conditions, the effects of diseases on the body (body and soul) can be cured by using a homeopathic remedy that has a similar and stronger effect on the body. Because the body is weakened for some reason, it cannot muster the strength to overcome the disease. But when a stronger effect similar to the symptoms of the disease is artificially produced by a homeopathic remedy, the body is compelled to respond more vigorously to the threat. This stronger response makes it possible to defeat the disease. The underlying principle of like cures like is also based on the fact that the symptoms of the artificial disease are similar to the symptoms of the existing disease, so as not to add extra burdens to the already weakened body. With this method, the existing disease is defeated and removed from the system and the homeopathic remediation is discontinued and the artificial disease is removed, allowing the body to find balance and health.

In the case of short-term (acute) illnesses, the body can take care of itself, but in the case of chronic illnesses, this healing cannot take place without homeopathic remediation.

Factors that impair health do not always cause disease. Diseases occur when the organism is vulnerable to the disturbing factors and is exposed to enough of them to cause illness. Disease-causing agents can be physical, psychological or even transphysical. But homeopathic remedies affect the organism in all cases without exception. As an example, during the scarlet fever epidemic of 1801, all children who had not been exposed to the disease contracted scarlet fever, but none of the children contracted the disease after taking Belladonna remedy at the right time. This example shows that remedies have a very powerful effect on our health. However, it must be emphasized that the symptoms caused by the remedy must be similar to the symptoms of the existing disease and more severe, otherwise there will be no improvement.

Let’s illustrate this with 4 different scenarios…

Scenario 1: Two different disease states, the old disease is stronger

There are two different diseases (with dissimilar symptoms) in the organism and the old disease will keep the new one at bay, even if the old one is slightly stronger or completely equal in strength. For example, a smallpox vaccine will not work in someone suffering from rickets.

Scenario 2: Two different disease states, the new disease is stronger

When the new disease, which is new and symptomatically unlike the old one, is stronger than the old disease, the organism comes under the influence of the new disease. If the symptoms of the old disease disappear and the new disease goes away naturally or as a result of treatment, the old disease reappears. For example, in the case of smallpox and measles transmitted at the same time, smallpox suppresses measles symptoms, and measles symptoms reappear when smallpox is cured. The stronger disease has not cured the weaker disease.

Scenario 3: Two different disease states, both of equal strength

A disease with new and different symptoms affects the organism in which it is found and then forms a new and more complex situation with the old disease. Both diseases are located in different places in the organism and exist with all their symptoms.

Scenario 4: Two similar disease states, one stronger

When two very similar diseases are present in the same organism, they destroy each other. The stronger disease overcomes the weaker disease. Since the artificial disease created by the homeopathic remedy is a controlled and time-limited artificial disease, it will defeat the other disease and the organism will return to its healthy state because it will disappear spontaneously.

One of the most striking examples of this is smallpox, which can cause eye inflammation that can lead to blindness, and when smallpox vaccine was given to patients with eye inflammation, their eyes healed and the inflammation did not return.

For a homeopath to permanently cure an existing disease, he or she needs to understand this process correctly and choose the remedy that will relieve similar symptoms.

In all the observed cases, the effect applied in the opposite direction to the disease is not curative, but must be similar and stronger.

To summarize, the disease present in the organism can be eliminated by a similar and stronger disease. For this first step, it is necessary to look at the totality of the symptoms to be eliminated. Afterwards, the homeopathic remedy that will bring out these symptoms should be selected and the patient should be cured completely and permanently.

This is how homeopathy works in general.

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