Lachesis Muta (Lach.) Remedy (Homeopathy)

Not all remedies used in homeopathy come from plants, just like our previous article Sepia comes from cuttlefish, Lachesis Muta is a remedy prepared from the venom of the bushmaster snake. Lachesis mutus is a snake that lives in the forests of Central and South America, can reach up to 3.6 meters in length, is famous as the second most venomous snake after the King Cobra, and has a lethal feature thanks to the venom it secretes with its teeth reaching 2.5 cm. Lachesis remedy is a remedy that was brought to the world of Homeopathy by Constantine Hering in 1830 by demonstrating experiments.

People who need Lachesis experience an inner restlessness and agitation that results in excessive talkativeness, sarcasm, a vivid imagination, passion, intense behavior. They are affected by heat, they get hot easily. The skin or rashes may develop a purplish discoloration. Physical complaints occur on the left side of the body and post-discharge symptoms improve, but worsen when the discharge is suppressed. They tend to be hypersexual. Mental-emotional and physical symptoms worsen during or after waking from sleep, and there may be a craving for alcohol.

Lachesis is used in homeopathy to treat a wide variety of symptoms. These fall into the following general categories:

Menstrual and menopausal complaints

Throat and mouth complaints

Fear, paranoia and related mental complaints

Nervous system complaints

Circulatory system complaints

All these complaints exhibit certain patterns or methods that indicate that they should be treated with lachesis. These symptoms may be:

Worse after sleep and upon waking

It gets worse in the spring

Worse after drinking hot beverages, taking hot baths, or direct exposure to the sun

Worse when touched or compressed by tight clothing

worsened by alcohol consumption

Producing rising waves of pain

Movement from left side of body to right side

A very sensitive neck

Healing with food

Healing with exposure to cold and fresh air

In homeopathy, certain treatments are considered particularly effective in people with certain personality and physical characteristics. The “Lachesis personality” tends to be egocentric, smug, indecisive, and jealous. They can be possessive. This personality type often talks about doing great things, but rarely succeeds. Physically, types of lachesis tend to be overweight and bloated. They usually have red hair and freckles.

Lachesis is an important homeopathic remedy for hot flashes associated with menopause. It is also used to treat premenstrual and menstrual symptoms such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual pain, and short menstrual bleeding.

Throat and mouth complaints are also treated with lachesis. A sore throat that worsens when hot liquids are swallowed is a good example of the type of throat complaint for which lachesis is appropriate. Similarly, a sore throat with left-sided pain or pain in the left ear, and a purplish, stuffy throat, swollen gums, tongue, and bad-tasting saliva. The throat, neck and larynx are extremely sensitive to touch.

Lachesis is used to relieve certain mental or emotional symptoms. These include doubt and insecurity that can border on paranoia, excessive talkativeness that reflects irritability and restlessness, depression, petty jealousy, and asociality.

Circulatory complaints treated with Lachesis include:

Swollen and clogged veins that give the skin a bluish appearance

varicose veins

Nose bleeding

Slow-healing, bluish sores

Throbbing sensation in various parts of the body

Weak, irregular rapid heart rate



The main nervous system complaint treated with lachesis is cluster headaches. These are headaches that produce pulsating waves of pain, usually on the left side or starting on the left side and moving to the right. They usually precede menstruation and resolve after menstruation begins. Petit mal seizures and angina are also treated with lachesis.

Other complaints that Lachesi is said to relieve include stomach pains, appendicitis, vomiting and gastrointestinal complaints, anal spasms, bleeding hemorrhoids, and cravings for alcohol, coffee, and shellfish.

Mental – Emotional Symptoms (Mind Rubrics)

Passionate and prone to jealousy.

Suspicious – even to the degree of paranoia.

Very talkative. Cynical.

Aggressive and prone to hatred – seeking revenge.

The morning is sad, has no desire to interfere with the world.

Restless, does not want to do business, wants to be somewhere all the time.

Disruption of time perception.

Headache and Migraine

Trembling or exploding headaches.

Pain in the upper part of the head or on the left side.

Headache when waking up.

Pain in the root of the nose.

Relieves with the onset of discharge (menstruation or runny nose)

Throat Problems

Left-sided sore throat or pharyngitis.

Difficulty swallowing, especially saliva and other fluids.

Dislikes high or narrow collars or having the throat touched.

Tonsils purplish

Respiratory and Chest Problems


I hung up after jealousy.

Palpitations or chest pressure that worsens by lying on the left side.

The upper part of the trachea is very sensitive to touch.

Choking while lying down forces the patient to jump out of bed and run to the open window.

He feels that he needs to take a deep breath.

Cough, dry, suffocating seizures.

Menstruation and Menopause Symptoms

hormonal disorders

Premenstrual syndrome with irritability, depression, jealousy and headache.

Hot flashes during menopause.

The periods are too short, too weak.

The left ovary is very painful and swollen, hardened.

It behaves especially well at the beginning and end of menstruation.

Coccyx and sacrum pain, especially when getting up from a sitting position.

Sleep Problems

It is impossible to sleep on the left side.

Sudden awakening with a feeling of suffocation, especially when falling asleep for the first time.

Types of sleep apnea.

For Pets

Extreme jealousy.

Bluish discoloration of bites.

Hormonal difficulties with increased sensitivity to heat.

Lachesis can do what no other remedy for sun headaches can. It cannot be compared to Glonoine for the immediate effects of sunstroke, but appears long after the initial effects have been overcome with this remedy. Every time the patient is exposed to the sun’s heat, he becomes uncomfortable and this problem becomes chronic.

When we look at the effects of Lachesis on the digestive system, first of all, the gums are usually swollen and spongy, bleeding easily; Lachesis usually follows Mercury well when this is found. If the gums become bruised, the indication for Lachesis becomes stronger. One of the most characteristic symptoms of lachesis is found in the tongue, especially typhoid fever; that is, sticks out his tongue with great difficulty; too dry; it trembles and gets stuck under the lower teeth. Under gelsemium the tongue trembles and comes out with difficulty, but not as dry as in Lachesis. This is a sign of great weakness, but Gelsemium appears at the very beginning of the fire, while in Lachesis it comes later. In Lachesis, there is a foul odor and the mouth may be very dry; or there may be copious amounts of stubborn mucus buildup. Here it is again reminiscent of Mercury. Lachesis is one of our best remedies for sore mouth at the last stage of consumption. This is sometimes a very disturbing symptom and it is often very difficult to relieve it.

Throat and neck sensitive to the slightest touch or external pressure (Sepia); everything about sore throats, even the weight of the bedspreads.” This is very characteristic. Another feature is that empty swallowing or swallowing saliva or liquids is much more aggravated than swallowing solids. The pain in the throat goes down to the ears. In tonsillitis and diphtheria, swelling of the tonsils begins on the left side and extends to the right (Sabadilla). Pain is exacerbated by hot drinks (reverse, Sabadilla ). All these symptoms are specific to Lachesis and all tend to be much worse after sleep.

Sometimes the throat takes on a gangrenous appearance, but if other symptoms are present, it is an additional indication for its use. Lachesis, typhoid, pneumonia, scarlatina, etc. It is one of the first remedies to be considered in any disease when it seems inclined to spend its main strength in the throat, such as

Lachesis has some peculiar stool and anus symptoms. There is an urge, or rather suppression, in the rectum, but it is worse when trying to defecate; it hurts so much that he has to give up. It feels like the anus is closed. This is a constant or quite frequent, though ineffective, urge to defecate with Nux vomica; or painful Lycopodium constriction that prevents stool or follows an incomplete and unsatisfactory stool. Another obvious symptom is that the stool, whether formed or not, is often very uncomfortable.

This remedy is very useful for hemorrhoids, which is usually a very common disease; and here you have a feeling of constriction, whether the piles are external or blunt, and sometimes it’s a beating or a throbbing or, as the patient might describe, the feeling of “little hammers” hitting the rectum. All these symptoms and many more indicate the affinity of this drug for the anus and rectum, because they also indicate its power on all diseases of the digestive system.

This is also one of our best remedies for diseases of the female reproductive organs. In the first place, it is largely an ovarian drug and seems to prefer the left ovary. In simple ovarian neuralgia and from that to true tumors or any cancer of the left ovary; or the problem starts from the left and goes to the right ovary. However, there may be neuralgia, swelling, hardening, suppuration, tumors, or cancer in one or both ovaries. Its effect on uterine disorders is also very evident.

Respiratory organs and chest also fall under the influence of this drug. Paralysis of the vocal cords causes loss of voice; the larynx is least sensitive to touch; causes suffocation; it is one of our best remedies in hopeless cases of croup where the child worsens during sleep; seems to be sleeping in it. Glottis spasm; the sensation of something stretching from the neck to the throat, taking the breath away. He has great shortness of breath when walking, especially in old age and heart ailments, this is always the instruction manual. “Even the slightest thing in the mouth or nose interferes with breathing; it tears the collar or anything related to the neck, throat or chest because it is suffocating.” Asthma with the same symptoms has hot flashes or blood orgasms; should loosen clothes to avoid suffocation; the threat of stroke of the heart or lungs; dry cough that is exacerbated by touching the throat or larynx, as well as coughing during sleep, awakening or unconsciously.


The above has been compiled from many sources for informational purposes only. Among these resources are resources such as materia medica. If you see the troubles and symptoms of illness you are experiencing among the ones we have written above, never try to use the remedy on your own. Please request a homeopath doctor whose knowledge and experience you trust to give you a remedy after a comprehensive anamnesis. Otherwise, if you see a worsening in symptoms, be sure to consult your healthcare provider immediately.

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