Migraine Case Treated with Homeopathy (Case Study)

Migraine treatment with homeopathy

Let’s talk a little bit about how homeopathy works. I will go through a case study because it is really not easy to take a story from the patient in homeopathy. Let’s examine how to take a homeopathic anamnesis and take a look at the details. Dedicated to those who say “the doctor examined you in 5 minutes and prescribed medicine”. Because homeopathic anamnesis takes a minimum of 2 hours.

Patient Details

Case 45-year-old female patient

Cause of arrival is migraine

She says that she has been suffering from headaches since childhood and that her grandmother used to read it every time and put saliva on her forehead, saying it was the evil eye.

The headache is very severe, mostly in the left temple

There’s never been any accompanying nausea and vomiting.

Throbbing, pain increases when leaning forward, throbbing increases when climbing stairs. Pain increases when sitting and getting up. Also, when she followed up, she had a 2nd pain on the right side with nuchal stiffness. She says it feels like it is pulling my head back.

The pain is not related to cold, heat, day or night, there is no certain time of day, there is no relation with menstruation. It can occur during sleep deprivation and prolonged fasting. But she states that she does not have any difficulty while fasting during Ramadan.

If she does not take painkillers, it can last for 3 days.

She is a working woman, but she can continue working despite the pain, she is not whiny even if it hurts a lot.

She does not complain to anyone. In fact, the most common phrase she uses is “I will take care of it”.

She did not give much detail about her marriage and separation, but she had no grudge against anyone. She says what is meant to be is meant to be.

She has thoughts on mystical subjects, about where we came from, who we are, why we live.

She provides financial and moral support to her family.

She has a structure that cannot say no.

Curious. She likes to research, especially about her profession, but art and fashion are her interests like every woman. One of her friends even said that if you weren’t perfect in your profession, I would definitely hire you in our sector. She makes drawings herself, she even used to draw shoe models as an amateur for a while.

In her childhood, she had abscesses in her throat after a vaccination and they were treated, and she spent her whole childhood with otitis media, and from the age of 12 onwards with headaches and menstrual pains. She states that her face was white from the pain and that she could only stop with painkillers.

She graduated from a successful school with a degree.

She has a child who is married and separated. I have no anger towards anyone, she says what is meant to be happens.

She is interested in art, history and mythology.

She states that she started to experience urinary tract infections after marriage and that she has been having a lot of trouble with this for years.

She says that with urinary tract infections, there would be burning during urination and goosebumps on her arm at that time and it would be a bad coma.

She complains of heartburn with onion. Constipation occurs. Constipation in the form of hard stools, rarely with a delay of 2 days, once after carob molasses, there is a history of prolonged constipation and cracked light bleeding in the anus. No obvious hemorrhoids.

No history of varicose veins.

She never went to the toilet at school. She says she wouldn’t want make noice when there are others.

She gets pregnant easily. No miscarriage. She struggled with vaginal fungus throughout her pregnancy. She says it only went away after giving birth.

Periods are very painful and sometimes clotted. As the bleeding increases, the pain decreases. She says that premenstrual low back pain does not confirm and they understand immediately that I am extremely irritable.

She has a history of stye, aphthae inside the lip – on the cheek. In the past.

As a child, she gets lice very quickly, even my mother was very meticulous and she says she struggled with me a lot.

A very meticulous student. She says my books and notebooks were always organized. She has a high sense of responsibility.

She has a thrifty nature, but she says she doesn’t hesitate to spend money on what she likes.

She cannot tolerate criticism. ”I am easily offended but I don’t show it”. She says, “I do not forget what has been done, but I always remind it jokingly.” (Very talkative. She gestures a lot during the interview. She occasionally blinks her eyes – she rolls some words while talking: these are my observations)

She had warts on her hand that went away when she had them read.

There was a wart like cauliflower on the sole of the foot and it went away on its own. Frequent calluses on the little toe.

She never had herpes. She had chicken pox as a child and they said that scratching it would leave a scar.”I scratched the one on my belly out of curiosity to see if it would leave a scar”, and she says that ”it really left a scar”.

She doesn’t like drinking water. Even if she does, it’s not from the fridge.

She likes sour and sweet. She loves pickles. She doesn’t like the fat of meat. She had bulimia after the death of a friend but it went away on its own.

Her headaches are throbbing in the left temple, increase when she leans forward, throbbing when climbing stairs, fullness in her ears at times, then thick sounds make ”vonk vonk” sounds, there is tinnitus constantly.

Hearing loss due to middle ear infections and eardrum perforations. She does not use a device.

Anamnesis Result

As you can see, there are many physical and emotional things that this case has gone through, and for all of them, she went to many branch doctors such as ENT, gynecology, general surgery, internal medicine, dermatology. However, this person actually needed a single homeopathic remedy. Homeopaths listen to all these findings in detail and find that remedy for the person and when they give it to the person, all complaints disappear. Healing takes place in the whole body from top to bottom, from the inside out.

How We Chose the Remedy for the Patient (Solution of the Patient’s Migraine Problem with Homeopathy)

Another homeopath gave the case a remedy ***********. But there was no improvement with *****. But the aura came once in 15 days after this remedy. So the remedy given was not the right one but it paved the way to the right remedy. After the 2nd remedy given to the patient, when he started to feel “as if a hot air was blowing” in his left knee, it was seen that this finding belonged to only one drug, written in the same way in the repertory book, and when that remedy was given, the migraine and aura that the patient had suffered for 40 years ended. And the patient has been living without migraine for 5 years.

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